IMPACT Project

The name PACT, is rooted in our passion and commitment to contributing and supporting the caring and resilient community of Edmonton. It’s a promise we made to ourselves, our team, and our home to do good. Part of keeping that promise means reaching out, and supporting the astounding individuals and organizations that make YEG the vibrant community it is.

In order to keep that promise, we created the imPACT project. On an ongoing basis, we will choose a community member who we feel is positively contributing to our dynamic and lively city and could use some assistance in making their goals a reality. This could be any individual who inspires us through art, music, small local charities, passion projects, or any individual undertaking that adds to the community.

We are so proud of the work Edmontonians do to make our city the home it is, and we want to give back and be a part of the continual growth and success of our local! The ImPACT project’s intention is to give opportunity and to support our community in a more direct and personal way. Therefore, we ask that you do not apply for the imPACT project on behalf of large scale charities or large community organizations.
Are you or someone you know doing something innovative or awe-inspiring in the community? All you need to do is fill out this form, tell us your story, and you could be selected to receive support through our imPACT project. Submissions are collected continuously, and selections are made on an ongoing basis. We cannot wait to hear from all the remarkable people in our community, and we hope we can positively impact the Edmonton community, through the imPACT project.

* Any information collected on this page, is done so for the sole purpose of determining the imPACT beneficiary each month. It will never be shared, traded, sold, or kept for potential future use.

** Exact amount of the monthly imPACT benefit can not be guaranteed. Benefit is determined as a percentage of total sales over the month, but will fall within a minimum and maximum range set by management.

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